Introducing digital assurance to environmental claims

Universal protocols and infrastructure for embedding trust in sustainable markets

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Introducing METI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology represents the backbone of trust and security for the entire modern digital world.

MillPont Environmental Trust Infrastructure (METI) pairs this technology with geospatial architecture to enable real-time and multilateral accounting of environmental claims - ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient processes for all participants.

  • Reduce risk

    • Mitigate double-counting
    • Remove custodial ambiguity
    • Eliminate cross-platform data gaps
  • Increase efficiency

    • Boost transaction speed
    • Streamline critical processes
    • Reduce operational costs
  • Create confidence

    • Foster trust through transparency
    • Deliver real-time data
    • Protect customer confidentiality

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For Project Developers.

METI Originate

  • Request unique Spatiotemporal Claim ID (SCID) for your sustainable project (e.g. 2024-2030 carbon project over an agricultural field).
  • Receive a unique SCID embedded in a digital certificate.
  • Create an Environmental Attribute Certificate (EAC) that assigns the benefits of one or more SCID-backed claims.
  • Administer the transfer and sharing of benefits throughout customer supplychains.
For Buyers.

METI Trace

  • Receive benefits assigned to you by Project Developers.
  • Validate the chain of custody of those benefits all the way to the underlying SCID-backed claim.
  • Share environmental benefits with supply chain partners via a traceable chain of custody.
  • Auto-generate reports for full visibility and auditability of environmental benefits activities.
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"MillPont provides a creative solution for creating shared value for the supply chain while reducing double counting and other inherent risks associated with the carbon market."

Jack Scott
VP Sustainable Sourcing,

"Arva is proud to be working with MillPont to protect the integrity and transparency of environmental market transactions."

Jay McEntire
CEO & Co-Founder
Arva Intelligence

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